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understand Edgar

We need to think with empathy if we want to understand Edgar Allan Poe and why his work is American. He is an American with every inch of his mind and body. His works are like a mirror to his broken life with all his paranoia and fear. An American is a person who should be universal and multicultural. Actually, it is not a preference for Americans, but it is their destiny. Being an American is not so different in literature. Poe is both universal and multicultural. His work represents many things like being an American and periods of humankind.

Besides the themes he used in his stories and poems, his works have a depressed and gothic style. His style represents the psychology of the American people very well. As I know, his financial status was not so good. He was a poor American who was aware of his surroundings and the bad shape of the world. He wrote his observations in his own words and tales. In that case, everything he wrote was a dark, depressed duplication of the life and the daily routines of American society. In my opinion, his themes like isolation, death, mystery, and red in his works are another reflection of the Americans. The isolation idea has a strict place in the American culture and lifestyle throughout history.

Americans were living as communes and colonies, but they have isolated themselves as individuals. The United States government also accepted the isolation policy for a long time until World War. In my view, the gothic, dark, and depressing atmosphere, cold-blooded murderous characters, the death, and the red are quintessentially American. We can capture the idea of silent violence inside of Poe's mind. If you ask me, this is an idea that every American have in that period. Poe even wrote about the feudal system in The Masque of the Red Death. However, as we know, one of the principles of being an American is that everyone is equal in the manner of life conditions, justice, or death. Because of that, the Red Death also touched the prince and barons in the castle.(p.4) They could not escape despite the help and advantages of their status quo. Unlike Europe, America has no class differences and hierarchy. We can compare these cultures in his works. I think this is another proof of the Americanity of his writings.

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