Recommendations for Laptop Buyers

What are the Points to Consider While Buying a Laptop?

Today, laptop computers (laptop) have become a necessity. Today, millions of students start university every year in Turkey. In some parts of the university, laptop has now become a necessity rather than a pleasure. There is no need to be limited to university students only, many company personnel have to work with high performance because the programs they work in are usually very heavy, software, painting, drawing...

Laptops are produced that need to meet certain specifications in order for people such as university students, company personnel to work properly and quickly in order to open programs properly. Although these laptops change according to their features and burn pockets, we can say that it has become a must to buy. Since it has become mandatory to buy, users are buying laptops that exceed their budget. It pays attention to its features.

Considerations When Buying a Laptop:

Ram Quantity

To make a rough definition of ram, we can say that it acts as the backbone of a laptop. In today's technology, we can see that even the phones we carry in our pockets are based on RAM amounts of at least 6 GB, 8 GB. One of the most important parts of a computer is RAM.

So what is this RAM?

We use our computer for many functions in our daily use. These are playing games, browsing YouTube, watching videos, browsing in Chrome... We can say that these functions consume RAM depending on the amount of RAM we have. The more RAM we have, the faster we can open these applications, we can play our games without crashing or freezing, we can watch videos on YouTube without getting stuck, and we can find what we are looking for in Chrome within seconds.

To give an example, in Chrome, we can open a lot of tabs at the top, but after a while these tabs can cause crashes and freezes. Having a strong amount of RAM will prevent these crashes and freezes and give our computer a sigh of relief. Although it varies according to usage areas, we can recommend that our RAM amount be at least 8 GB. We can say that the amount of RAM over 8 GB is another factor that will make our computer fly, so to speak.

Display card

It is the most expensive video card among the hardware parts of the computer. One of the most important functions of the graphics card is the graphics card in general, which requires heavy performance. It would be a healthier and correct decision to open a separate bracket on the video card for each area.

If you are looking for a business laptop, you can recommend graphics cards that will perform basic operations, these graphics cards will handle you. There are inexpensive, basic video cards designed for you to use programs such as Word and Excel. In order to make video editing, games that require high systems, and 4K designs, you need to purchase a video card that meets certain specifications.

Laptop Screen

You went to buy a laptop. You have seen the features mentioned above in the laptop, the amount of RAM is high, the graphics card model is quite new, it is at a level that can perform heavy operations and the price is quite cheap. Even with all this, you need to pay attention to one thing before RAM and video card, which is the laptop's screen.

The general resolution of cheap or old laptop models is 1366x768. As technology moves one step further every day, this resolution level has reached UHD (3840 x 2160) in the latest laptops.

Long story short, it is better to stay away from low resolution laptops such as 1366x768 when choosing a laptop screen. After a while, the resolution may bother you, you may start to dislike your laptop, and even if you are using detailed programs such as drawing, excel, word, your eyes may even become distorted because this resolution value will be insufficient. That's why you should prefer laptops with 1920x1080 as the lowest value.

There are two more factors for the screen. IPS screen, screen refresh rate.

What is IPS Display?

It is a technology that can make images look like glass so to speak, adjust the balance of colors perfectly, display the tone of white as white and the tone of black as full black. Another feature is that no matter from which angle it is viewed, there is no possibility of distortion of the image and it presents an image as viewed from the opposite side. Again, this IPS screen is a revolution compared to laptops released in the past. Therefore, taking care of the IPS screen when buying a laptop will provide you with a great benefit for screen color density and a clear image.

What is Screen Refresh Rate (Hz)?

Hertz can be called a unit of frequency as a word meaning. It is equal to the frequency of a vibrating event in 1 second. The basis of a monitor that displays 60 FPS (frames) is usually a 60 Hz monitor.

The screen refresh rate, which is the English refresh rate, allows you to play games, do your daily work, the film will serve to present a fluent and more vivid image that does not tire your eyes while watching the series.

In a game where you get 120 FPS (frame), having your monitor at a value like 60 Hz can cause some problems. For this reason, gamers usually prefer laptops with 120-144 Hz values, because playing games at values ​​such as 120 130 fps on a 60 Hz monitor will cause instant performance drops for your laptop in that game.

If you were to ask what is the difference between a 60 Hz and 144 Hz monitor?

While the 144 Hz monitor is playing the games you want to play very fluently and vividly, we can say that on a monitor with 60 Hz, this vitality will cause blurring in sudden turns and reflexes when playing FPS games.


Another piece of computer is the processor. When buying a new laptop or desktop computer, the most important thing to consider is the year the processor was released rather than the model. For example, Intel Core i7 may have been released in 2009, but its two versions older, Intel Core i5, may be better than the i7 model if it renews it in 2021 and releases an i3 processor. Long story short, when buying a processor, it would be a better decision to look at what year it was released, not i3, i5, i7.

The processor can also be called a backbone component of a computer that enables it to execute invisible processes and background processes. No matter how high you get the processor, you need to make sure that it is compatible with the graphics card. The same is true for the graphics card. If you buy a high model of your video card and choose a bad processor or an old processor, there will be incompatibility. This incompatibility will cause a decrease in performance, instant freezes, muscle cramps, and will also damage your computer.


You can use a laptop as a desktop or as a laptop. This may vary from person to person, from environment to environment. In all of these cases, there is an important piece of hardware, which is a piece of hardware that breathes into your computer.

To briefly define the SSD, the old storage system called HDD has taken the SSD, which is a more technological version, due to the development of technology every day. One of the first things to look at when buying a computer is whether the SSD is present in it. You see, it is available in the SSD, you also need to know how many GB this SSD supports.

If you are a gamer and hardware features, high graphics card with detailed graphics, RAM etc. For a game that wants computer hardware parts, SSD will be a savior for you. You can support 1TB SSD. If you are not going to play games but are only interested in office programs, 256, 512 GB versions will also work, but as we said, if you want to play high-quality games, 1 TB SSD will be the most suitable for you, the memory of these SSDs can be increased. When buying a laptop, make your choice by paying attention to how many SSD input sockets there are.

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