Interesting Diseases

What Are the Unknown Interesting Diseases?

There are very rare diseases in the world, which we thank ourselves. The difficulties in life of people suffering from these diseases are much more difficult. The purpose of this article is to tell you about these diseases or to give you an idea.a

Progeria (Premature aging disease)

The Turkish version of grogeria disease is known as premature aging disease. It is a kind of genetic disease caused by the shortening of the telomere chain in DNA. There is no effective treatment method. It is quite easy to diagnose, it is understood by the fact that the newborn baby looks like the old people in the 70-80 years and the hair turns white and falls. There is no mental retardation, but cavities occur in the mouth due to the underdevelopment of the jaw and tooth structure. Children with this disease live an average of 12-13 years, but they cannot provide sexual activities due to the use of external hormones.

Hypertrichosis (Werewolf syndrome)

As you can understand from the name of this disease, people who get this disease look like werewolves. His physical features are reminiscent of a werewolf, and his muzzle is longer than that of normal humans. While some patients have hairs all over the body, some patients have hairs in various parts of the body. It is a kind of genetic disease that has only been seen in fifty people so far and there is no cure. This disease is not life-threatening, but it is seen that people suffering from this disease have experienced very serious psychological traumas.

Acromegaly (Growth disease)

Giantness and overgrowth disease occur due to the brain's secretion of too much growth hormone. This disease is divided into two. What occurs before completing the growth period is called gigantism. Gigantic patients look like giants. In those who have completed puberty, only their hands, feet, chin and nose are growing. Their voices are thicker than normal people. People with this disease generally have excessive thickening of the hair, enlargement of the jaw when their teeth are separated, thickening of the lips and enlargement of the skull. It can be treated by shrinking the growing bones with a surgical intervention. However, the enlargement of the organs of some patients is life-threatening.

Hyperdontia (polydentia)

Another rare disease is polydentate. Normal people have thirty-two teeth in their mouth, but in this disease, these numbers go up to two hundred. This disease is divided into hidden teeth and visible teeth. Hidden teeth are under the skin, it is not possible to see without going to dental treatment. The other can be noticed by sight. There is a cure for this disease, it is to go to the dental hospital regularly and have the teeth extracted.

Sirenomelia (Mermaid)

Mermaid disease is the congenital attachment of the legs of babies. It's like there is no cure for this disease. Even if their legs are separated, most babies die because their kidney and excretory system are not fully developed. The actual cause of this disease is unknown, and only two babies are cured and alive.

Hematidrosis (Blood crying)

It is a type of disease caused by stretching and cracking of capillaries due to boredom and stress. There is a cure, but it is often a self-limiting disease.

Arjiri (Blue skin)

It is a skin (pigment) disease. This disease is not a fatal disease, but it is a disease that disrupts the psychology of the person. This disease is generally seen in people who are interested in silver making. The reason is that when the substances in silver collect on the skin and are exposed to sunlight, this disease can be seen in people. It is passed on to generations as a genetic disorder. The treatment is done with laser, but for some patients, this treatment method does not work.

bubble disease

It is a type of skin disease. It occurs with the spread of tumors on the skin, and the skin becomes invisible by covering the whole body. Tumors can be removed, but there is no cure because they cannot prevent recurrence.

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